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Casement Windows

Give your home a minimalist look with our casement windows. We produce competitively priced windows in high-quality FSC-certified pinewood with double or triple glazing.

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The Case for a Casement Window

Casement windows for sale

When shopping for casement windows for sale, you should start with a clear understanding of what exactly qualifies as such. A casement window can open and close fully, much like a door, with only one of its sides attached to the frame via hinges. 

There are no sashes to move up and down or right and left, as with double-hung or slider windows. Those styles allow only a partial window opening, as one pane will always be fixed in place while the other slides over it. Casement windows, on the other hand, open completely to the outdoors, so maximum fresh air and light can pass through the entire window opening in your home.

You can also combine formats in bespoke casement windows, such as those combinations available at Klar. For example, you may fill a wide opening in your living room with four panes in a row, where two of them are opening sashes. Any way you go about it, with casement windows, you will enjoy unobstructed views outside, as framing is kept to a minimum. 

Timber casement window - the solidity of wood

Speaking of framing – a timber casement window is one of the most solid constructions you can find. Selecting wood as your frame material provides not only a sturdy surround, but also a naturally well-insulating barrier to the outdoors. A casement window wood is a symbol of high quality and traditional aesthetics. Wood casement windows prices can vary, depending on the type of wood used, as well as whether the timber is knot-free from heartwood – as it is at Klar. For an overview of what new windows cost, check out our comprehensive guide here.

Maximising Air Flow

A casement window is an ideal choice for allowing maximum air flow through your home. Aside from the fact that it can fully open, with bespoke casement windows, you can also decide the opening direction. By ensuring that your timber casement window opens out to the prevailing breezes instead of against them, the sash can act as a flap, guiding air into your home. 

Safety and Security

Casement windows for sale these days offer both contemporary and traditional style latches with storm hooks as standard. In addition, you may want to consider a child safety lock option, especially on upper stories, as the fully opening nature of casement windows does create a bigger space through which to pass. 

Despite this, a casement window wood is an excellent deterrent against home intrusion, particularly when constructed with double- or triple-glazing and hardened safety glass, as available at Klar. With no external features to grab hold of, an intruder must attempt to break the glass, and, even then, has to contend with figuring out how to open the window from the inside around broken glass shards.

Minimalist Look

Without glazing bars or separate panes to break up the view, a casement window can offer a sleek, contemporary look to the exterior of your house. At Klar, you can also customise the hinges on your bespoke casement windows for an even more minimalist appearance, opting for a side-guided hinge that is invisible from the outside of the window – as opposed to the standard side-hung hinge.

You can continue this more modern look on the interior as well by selecting Klar’s Softline profile for the internal frame with its characteristic smooth and clean construction.

Now that you know the answer to, “what are casement windows,” you will find yourself well-equipped to evaluate the differences between a timber casement window or an aluclad tilt and turn. If you are looking for more information and inspiration, check out our guide on what windows to buy here.

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