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Explore the endless possibilities of combination windows

We believe that windows should be more versatile than anyone can ever imagine. They should be highly customisable and multi-purpose so that they can fully satisfy your needs, no matter how demanding you are! Therefore, we've come up with a bespoke collection of combination windows to show you the endless possibilities you're exposed to when you shop with Klar. A hybrid between fixed windows, top guided windows, and flush casement windows, our range of combination windows are tailored to offer you the benefits of multiple types of windows at the same time. Their flexibility means you don't have to hold back your creativity - create your unique combination windows using our bespoke online ordering system, and the windows of your dreams will turn into reality in a few clicks! Whether you're looking to dramatically increase the amount of natural light that enters your home, or you're after a set of complex windows with multiple openings to maximise ventilation, our sleek combination windows can keep you satisfied whilst enhancing the look of your home.

Make your room come alive with combination windows

If you want something unique that can brighten your dark, gloomy room, our top guided/side guided window and fixed light combination is your ideal choice. Featuring an enormous fixed light, this type of combination window is designed to allow an abundant amount of sunlight to pass through. The large pane of glass also gives your eyes unrestricted access to the surrounding scenery, creating an illusion of a bigger room. Installing a top guided/side guided window and the fixed light combination can therefore instantly breathe life into your dull room. The relatively small side guided or top guided window beside the fixed light offers just enough ventilation to freshen your room from time to time. You can customise the position of this window according to your preference, whether it's to the left or right of the fixed light. This combination window is what you need if you're looking to make your room come alive with a minimalist approach. 

Got a super high ceiling at home and want to exploit it? Our combination windows with one opening and two fixed lights can surely help you make the most of your high ceiling. With three large glass panels and a maximum height of 250 cm, this type of combination window is pretty much like floor-to-ceiling windows - but better! It gives you unlimited access to the beautiful view outside your house, generating a sense of openness in your room. Its incredible height also ensures your room is getting as much natural light as possible. Whilst a typical floor-to-ceiling window cannot be opened, this combination window type features a top guided window in the middle. This allows you to ventilate your room whilst still enjoying the benefits of floor-to-ceiling windows. If you like the amount of daylight a floor-to-ceiling window can bring into your room but also want your windows to be multifunctional, our combination windows with one opening and two fixed lights will never disappoint you. Embarking on an ambitious DIY home renovation project? Why not go all out and use our combination windows with two openings and four fixed lights to create an illusion of a glass wall. The six extensive panels of glass will make your room brighter than ever before, whilst the two openings in the middle will provide plenty of fresh air to keep your body and mind happy.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our affordable, high-quality combination windows

Combination windows with a top guided window over a fixed light are one of the most popular types of windows in the UK. Here at Klar, we're offering you the most wanted window type with better materials and lower prices. Made with FSC certified Estonian pinewood, our combination windows with a top guided window over a fixed light embrace the beauty of traditional window manufacturing. We want your combination windows to be long-lasting, and therefore we've chosen to make our windows with a tried and tested material. Our slow-growing pinewood is knot-free and has a high proportion of heartwood. This explains why our combination windows are both beautiful and durable. You can also have your combination windows made with aluclad if you're after some extra durability. Protected by an aluminium cladding, the timber underneath will last for a lifetime. Despite the quality we're bringing to the table, our combination windows with a top guided window over a fixed light are available for as little as £118.91 - one of the cheapest you can find in the country! So hesitate no more: order our combination windows today if you're looking to save money on new windows without compromising quality.

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