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Fixed Floor To Ceiling Windows

Let the natural light in with a fixed floor-to-ceiling window. We manufacture windows of high quality at affordable prices. Fixed floor-to-ceiling windows are simple yet provide the most incredible light. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Immerse yourself in nature with our floor to ceiling windows

Want to make the most of your home's spectacular view? Bring the outdoors in with our chic floor to ceiling windows. Featuring extensive panes of glass and a minimalist window frame, floor to ceiling windows can provide a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Floor to ceiling windows is great for those of you who own lodgings in the countryside. They remove the barrier between your countryside cottage and the breathtaking wilderness, allowing you to form an intimate relationship with nature in the comfort of your living space. If your home is connected to a garden, floor to ceiling windows can drastically change the way you experience everyday life. Your room will be flooded with light, and you'll get to experience nature day and night.

Forming a connection with nature is extremely beneficial to our mental health. The trees, flowers and chirping birds in your garden are some of the most powerful natural remedies for stress. Whilst countryside breaks and getaways are irreplaceable, if you're lucky enough to have a charming back garden or some stunning natural scenery near where you live, why not take advantage of it and immerse yourself in nature without leaving your doorstep? Frame your garden view with our floor to ceiling windows to enjoy what nature has to offer!

Our extensive range of floor to ceiling windows

Our range of floor to ceiling windows consists of ten different styles. Thanks to the wide variety, our floor to ceiling windows are able to complement any home regardless of your needs. Whether you're looking to improve the view from your small bedroom, or you're going all out to maximise the views of the surrounding scenery from your living room, we've got you covered.

With the help of our fully glazed floor to ceiling windows, you'll realise that your small bedroom doesn't have to feel cramped and unpleasant. With a portion of the wall replaced by an extensive glass pane, your bedroom will undoubtedly look larger. The abundant daylight that your room will be getting thanks to the floor to ceiling window will effectively brighten your small room, giving it a sense of openness. Since a part of the wall has essentially become transparent, you'll be enjoying an unrestricted view, and this will also create an illusion of a bigger room. If you've got a neglected small bedroom at home that no one wants to use because of its size, why not bring it to life again with our fully glazed floor to ceiling windows?

Determined to blur that boundary between your kitchen or living room and your gorgeous garden? Our floor to ceiling windows with multiple panes of glass can surely help you achieve that goal. With a maximum height and width of 230 cm and 200 cm respectively, our floor to ceiling windows featuring multiple glass panes won't fail to form a seamless link between your indoor and outdoor spaces. With floor to ceiling windows installed, your kitchen or living room and your garden will literally become one! Cooking, dining and resting in nature without having to experience any harsh conditions from the surrounding environment, will no longer be a dream.

To make sure you can find something that suits your home, our floor to ceiling windows with multiple glass panes are available in a variety of styles. Our floor to ceiling windows featuring two glass panes and glazing bars boast a classic, elegant vibe, even though floor to ceiling windows are a modern invention. They are suitable for homeowners who are adopting a transitional interior design. Floor to ceiling windows with two glass panes and no glazing bars, on the other hand, are ideal for homes with a modern design thanks to their sleek and simplistic appearance. Floor to ceiling windows featuring six panes of glass have a bold, defined look. Instead of being decorated by delicate glazing bars, the window is divided by thicker muntins that hold the six glass panes together. The strong, bold lines that the muntins create give the floor to ceiling window a distinctive appearance - perfect for your stylish contemporary home.

The functionality of our floor to ceiling windows

Our multifunctional floor to ceiling windows can bring a number of benefits to your property. The most important functions of our floor to ceiling windows are of course to provide you with a magnificent view and to maximise daylight. The high-quality safety glass that our floor to ceiling windows are made of allows you to enjoy the spectacular view outside your house whilst filling your room with plenty of natural light. We can guarantee that any room with our floor to ceiling windows installed will become your favourite room in your house!

Our safety glass is four times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness to make things better. This provides your property with extra security. In case your floor to ceiling windows break because of unfortunate accidents, the safety glass will shatter into tiny granules instead of large pieces of broken glass. This keeps you safe from injuries when the accident happens and also when you clean up afterwards.

Other than brightening your house and offering you some unmatched visual enjoyment, our floor to ceiling windows can significantly improve the energy-efficiency of your home. This is a function that we cannot forget about when ordering floor to ceiling windows: after all, who doesn't want something that can enhance your home both physically and economically, especially when installing floor to ceiling windows is quite an investment? Our floor to ceiling windows are available in double and triple glazing options. The former offers the insulation you need to get through the typical winter months. Featuring two panes of glass, our doubled glazed floor to ceiling windows provide insulation by trapping a layer of air between the two glass panes. As a poor heat conductor, the layer of air effectively prevents heat from escaping from your room, keeping your house nice and warm. This also means you can save lots of money on your energy bills because you won't have to blast your heating during winter anymore!

If you're determined to make some significant changes to your heating bills, why not try installing our triple glazed floor to ceiling windows? With a third pane of glass that traps an extra layer of air, our triple glazed floor to ceiling windows feature an additional barrier that protects your home against cold air. The excellent insulation only implies huge potential savings on your energy bills! If you happen to be suffering from noise pollution, our triple glazed floor to ceiling windows are a great solution. Their three layers of glass have no problem blocking out any street noise, helping you create the tranquil home that you always dream of. 

To offer even more functionality, we've introduced a small range of opening floor to ceiling windows to enable you to ventilate your home whilst enjoying the benefits of classic floor to ceiling windows. Check out our opening floor to ceiling windows page to find out more!

Our floor to ceiling windows can visually elevate your home, making it enjoyable to look at. They can also take your living experience to the next level. Your life will no longer be the same when you're surrounded by nature 24/7! Order through our online ordering system today to start the next chapter in your life.

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