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Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt-and-turn windows are the perfect combination of functionality and practicality. You can operate the window like a traditional side-hung window or by tilting it inwards. We don’t recommend mixing inward- and outward-opening windows. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Tilt and Turn Windows: Perfect functionality in a minimalistic design

Tilt and turn windows combine two opening methods in one window

Unlike other types of windows, tilt and turn windows can be opened in two different ways: Like a hopper window, where the window sash (the movable part of the window) is connected to the frame on the underside with tilt fittings and can be tilted inwards at the top.

The other opening method is similar to a casement window, where the opening sash is connected to window fittings on one side of the frame and can be opened by turning it sideways towards the inside. A tilt and turn window, therefore, has a sophisticated system of an Espagnolette; a gear that switches between the window fittings; joints and the various window fittings.

This system brings huge advantages

Tilt and turn windows open inwards, and since you can open the window sash sideways like a casement window (via the so-called turn function), you can use it to ventilate your room quickly. This opening method also makes window cleaning much easier, as you can easily reach the window sash from both sides once it is fully opened into your room.

The tilt position is the perfect opening method if you want to ventilate for longer periods of time. The warm, stuffy air from the room escapes through the upper part of the window sash, while fresh air flows into the room from both sides of the window sash. In this way, you can ventilate continuously – even in light rain. Since the window opens inwards, the rain won't be able to enter your home when the window is "on tilt" without strong winds. Since the tilt position opening is limited by a scissor gear to a maximum of 10 cm, it is also a secure way to ventilate without being at home since it's impossible to squeeze through the opening.

How are tilt and turn windows constructed?

A tilt and turn window is one of the more complex products among windows, but like any other window, it basically consists of three parts:

  • The window frame, which is permanently installed in the wall opening,

  • the opening sash, which is the movable part of the window and carries the glass,

  • and the various window fittings, which determine the opening and closing mechanisms and ensure that the window sash is firmly seated in the window frame.

The special tilt and turn fittings make tilt and turn windows unique.

When you turn the handle of a tilt-turn window, the rotation in its gear is converted into the linear movement of the push rods. Basically, three different positions are possible:

  1. the locking position,

  2. the tilting position and,

  3. the turning position.

You close the window by turning the handle downwards. This sets the window in the locking position by pushing the locking bolts in the locking plates.

The tilt position is realised in this by turning the handle upwards. The bolt pins in the locking plates are moved via the push rods and unlocked at the scissor gear and frame. The latch bolt then presses into the tilt bracket and the window sash can tilt out of the frame until the scissor gear limits its inclination.

By turning the handle horizontally you set the window in its turning position. This locks the scissor gear while the locking bolt and locking slider remain unlocked. Positioned this way, the window sash can be opened (swung open) with a turning movement towards the inside.

How do I open and close tilt and turn windows?

If you turn the window handle upwards, the upper stay and the lower tilt holder are locked so that only the tilt function can be used.

If you turn the window handle horizontally, the bolts are pushed exactly into the other fittings, so you can now only open the window sideways.

If you turn the window handle downwards, the window is closed and cannot be opened at all.

Notes on assembly, operation and maintenance

If you want to install your tilt and turn windows yourself, you can read our guide on installing windows.

Tilt and turn windows should be handled like all other windows. Responsible operation and maintenance will ensure that you can enjoy your window for a very long time. Ensure that you do not install any additional weight onto the opening window sash (e.g. blinds or curtains) and that you always close the window completely before switching between the tilt and turn functions.

Also, ensure that no dirt accumulates between the opening sash and the frame, as small stones, for example, could damage the locking mechanism.

For maintenance, we recommend repainting wooden windows every now and then and lubricating all fittings regularly. This way, your window will last a long time. If you want less maintenance, you can also choose Alu-clad tilt-and-turn windows with aluminium cladding, which protects your window better from the weather and saves you the work of re-painting your wooden windows.

Customising your tilt and turn window

At Klar, you can design your tilt and turn windows exactly to your needs. You can choose window handles with child safety locks; choose between different glass types such as sound-insulating glass, energy+ glass or sun protective glass; choose double or triple glazing and determine the colour. Simply open up our configurator to start designing the tilt and turn window that fits your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a tilt and turn window cost?

The price of a tilt and turn window depends on many factors. The size of the window, the choice of material and many other details influence the cost. Therefore, it is impossible to give a general price. Simply open our configurator and design the tilt and turn window you need and you will see the price. We are one of the cheapest suppliers on the market while still offering high-quality products. How do we manage that? Your online order goes directly to our own factory. There, your window will be made-to-measure and delivered directly to your home. This process bypasses all middlemen, which saves us – and you! – a lot of time and money. By signing up for our newsletter, you'll also be the first to hear about our offers so that you can save even more money.

How do you take the measurements for a new tilt and turn window?

It's easier than many people think. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper and a folding ruler or tape measure. You can read through a detailed explanation of how to find the right measurements here: How to measure windows and doors

How do I install a new tilt and turn window?

On one hand, you can hire professional craftsmen to do it for you. On the other hand, you will save a lot of money and probably also waiting time if you do it yourself – and you will be proud of yourself for having installed your windows yourself. It takes a bit of skill, but it's not as complicated as quantum physics, we promise! Read our guide installation guide and decide for yourself.

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