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Tilt & Turn Window with Emergency Exit

The two sashes open in a special way: the centre post is mounted on one of the sashes so that the window can be used as an emergency exit. We don’t recommend mixing inward- and outward-opening windows. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Windows with a moveable mullion are suitable for emergency exits and for transporting large objects

The best thing about windows with a movable centre mullion,

is that they provide the broadest possible opening when open. This gives you an extra escape route for emergencies in the case for emergencies, like a fire. Do you have a small entrance door or narrow stairs? Do you still want to bring a large sofa, piano, sports equipment or similar into your home?

Our tilt and turn windows with movable centre mullion could allow you to. If you have a nice wide window size, you may be able to enjoy the brightest and the best view with a continuous, fixed-pane picture window. Still, windows with movable centre mullions allow you to ventilate selectively. Choose a great style and still retain plenty of space as an emergency exit or transportation opening.

Movable mullion windows have been used to move pianos and grand pianos, sofas, art, tables, and many other bulky items through the window into old homes with narrow staircases. Many carriers are familiar with this option and are skilled at getting even heavy, bulky items into the house through the window.

In addition, they can serve as an emergency exit

Building a second escape route with a door is impossible or extremely expensive on many premises. However, there is a possibility to install windows with emergency exits and thus create an escape route for these situations.

Compare our different models, and stay on the lookout for our web discounts and pricematch, and create the window of your choice with our designer.

How do windows with movable centre mullion work?

The centre mullion is not permanently installed in the frame but on one of the window sashes. Then we attach a hinge to the centre mullion, i.e. a function that anchors or releases the centre mullion (and thus the corresponding window sash) in the frame. Only one side of the window can be opened with the handle, and the other side can be opened with the hinges on the mullion. This is because the centre mullion must be able to follow the window sash when opening.

In the case of three- and four-pane tilt and turn windows, cottage windows or Georgian windows: please note that by default, we install the emergency exit on the left side of the window as seen from the inside. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to have the window handle on the right, and therefore the main opening function, on the right side of the window as seen from the inside.

With all windows, you should be aware that the appearance and function of the window will change significantly depending on where you choose to have the handle. Here is an example: only the left side of the window, seen from the inside, has a handle. You must first open the window on the left side to get to the hinge that opens the right side.

In other words, the left side opens normally, but if you want to open the entire window, you must operate the handle first to get to the hinges on the centre mullion. Only then can the right window be opened together with the middle mullion.

Note: If you buy a window with an emergency exit and wind brake, the wind brake option is partially unavailable because one of the sashes would need to be able to open more than 90 degrees.


Windows with an emergency exit/movable centre mullion are a bit more complicated to operate than a normal tilt and turn window with two sashes. Still, you get some enormous advantages in return: the opening size is more doubled compared to a normal window. This allows not only to use of this window as an emergency exit but also to transport large pieces of furniture and objects through such a window.

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