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Tilt windows

Tilt windows are hinged to the bottom of the frame and tilt inwards. They are among the most popular and versatile windows since they are secure and practical. We don’t recommend mixing inward- and outward-opening windows. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Tilt windows - popular and good value

Tilt windows are windows that open by tilting inwards. They are among the most popular windows in the UK and are very versatile. Their biggest advantage is that they can be left open even in light rain without letting water into your home. At the same time, tilt windows are securely anchored even in the open position and have their largest opening at the top, making it impossible for a child or adult to fall out accidentally.

Another reason why tilt windows are so popular is that they are very space-efficient, even when open. Unlike Casement windows or Tilt & Turn windows, tilt windows can be opened even if you place a few things on the windowsill. This is a good reason why tilt windows are often used in garages and basements. Another argument which favours tilt windows in basements and garages is that even in the open position, burglars can't climb through the tilt windows without breaking them first. So, even if you forget to close the window, e.g. overnight, the risk of a break-in is still less than with casement windows.

Notes on installation, operation and maintenance

Installing tilt windows yourself can save you a lot of money. Read our installation guide and you will see that it is not exactly as difficult as nuclear physics.

Tilt windows aren't much different from other windows except for how they open, they have to be looked after like any other window. If you operate your windows correctly and take care of them regularly, you will be able to enjoy your window for many years to come. Do not install additional weight on the opening sash or close the window completely before turning the handle. This way, you won't damage the window.

In terms of maintenance, we recommend repainting wooden windows every few years and lubricating all hardware regularly. If you want less maintenance, you can choose Alu-clad tilt windows with aluminium cladding, which will help protect your window from the elements and save you from having to repaint your wooden windows.

Child safety lock, sound insulation and other possible extras of tilt windows

At Klar, we manufacture windows precisely to your measurements – and needs! You can choose handles with child safety locks or just regular handles; choose from different types of glass such as sound-insulating glass, energy+ glass or solar control glass; choose double or even better insulating triple glazing and determine the colour.

All this allows you to get exactly the tilt window that suits your needs - and at an extremely good price! We offer a web discount and regular offers, as well as Pricematch. So if you see a similar window of comparable quality from another supplier at a lower price, write to us and we will not only match the lower price, we will also offer you a 5% discount on that price!

So you can be sure always to get the best prices.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a tilt window cost?

The price of a tilt window changes depending on the size, choice of materials and many other details, so it is impossible to give a general price. But you can quickly find out the price of your window: Open our designer, choose your dimensions, materials and glazing, and you will see the price for the exact window you want.

How do you take measurements for a new tilt window?

It's easier than many people think. All you need is a pencil, a piece of paper and a folding ruler or tape measure. You can find a detailed explanation of how to find the right measurements here: guide to measuring.

Why are tilt windows so popular?

Tilt windows are space-saving, offer good ventilation possibilities, and are safe and easy to operate. They are used in flats, hallways, staircases and basements and are extremely popular for garages and garden sheds. Another advantage is that they are also available in elongated shapes.

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