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Crafting Composite Doors

So, your front door shopping efforts have led you here to Klar’s selection of composite entrance doors, also called plate doors. Welcome, and well done! New composite exterior doors are a great investment in both the comfort and security of your home – not to mention its appearance, especially over the long term. 

Klar offers six different styles of new composite front doors, all featuring a construction technique utilising various high-performance materials. An anti-moisture high-density fiberboard (HDF) is used in combination with insulation and aluminium, all mounted inside a wooden door frame. 

Other composite external doors in the UK can be found on the market using differing materials, so make sure to read our article, “What are Composite Doors?” here to get the full picture.

Door Number One, Two or Three?

Now that you know what’s behind each of Klar’s new composite front doors, you’ll have to decide which style you most prefer. If you wish to keep privacy at a premium, then a windowless option like Platedoor 1 or 2 is your best bet. The simplest option of them all, Platedoor 1, features a sleek, smooth surface without embellishment. Platedoor 2 adds a bit of interest with character-imbuing vertical ridges evenly spaced across its front.

Each of these surfaces can be altered by adding an elongated, vertical rectangle-shaped window near the opening side and door handle, also called a sidelight. This feature allows a bit of light to sneak into the home while, more importantly, offering a view of the outside and a peek at incoming visitors. If you choose this option for your composite front door, it is important to know that the glazing can be customised with one of four different types of glass. Note that sidelights can only be combined with composite doors if you choose a sidelight in pure pinewood.

Clear glass is obviously one way to go, but for less transparency, you can opt for Ornament glass, which is the most used raw glass and characterised by its rough surface. For a smoother, silky look, Satinovo is a good modern choice, and Kura glass offers a textured surface with more regular vertical lines running down the pane.

If you just want the benefits of light streaming in without compromising privacy, then one of the other two platedoor styles at Klar will fit the bill, both of which also add a bit of character and charm to your entrance. You can select a plain front composite door with a half-moon window at the top or a vertically ridged door front with a cottage-like square window tipped on its point.

The Choice is Yours

With such design variety in composite exterior doors, you might think that the options end there. Not at Klar. We allow you to specify the exact dimensions for new composite front doors, so you don’t have to rely on stock models available at the local building supply store that don’t fit your space quite right. 

You also have three colour choices to best align with your home’s style and your personal preferences – ever-popular white, classic black and neutral anthracite grey.

You decide the opening direction of composite entrance doors, along with whether you would like a handle supplied or prefer to source this yourself later to coordinate with other entrance doors. Regardless of whether you choose to go with Klar’s L-shaped handle, you can also include one of our premium 3-point cylinder locks. These mechanisms come from a world-class supplier renowned for superior security systems, so you can feel completely safe and secure behind your new composite front door uk. 

Peace of Mind

The makeup of Klar’s composite exterior doors should also put your mind at ease when it comes to security concerns, as these composite entrance doors have a strong hardboard exterior resistant to intrusion, outperforming a traditional wooden door.

The insulation used in its construction also makes a composite front door uk from Klar an excellent choice for ensuring superior energy efficiency in your home and guaranteeing a consistently comfortable interior temperature, no matter the weather outside. 

Saving money on energy bills is a big stress relief for most homeowners, and at Klar, we want to do everything we can to make your life easier. That’s why we back up all our products, including new composite front doors, with a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that we’ll be there to help should you need it.

Buy a composite exterior door

In the case of composite entrance doors, this guarantee will likely be a moot point, as they are one of the most durable options on the market. The HDF surface of Klar’s composite exterior doors helps prevent moisture penetration and, as such, resists weather damage, requiring very little maintenance from you and offering minimal headache over the long-term lifespan of the product. 

This may not have been the case with your existing exterior door, which may be how you landed here in your research. For guidance on when to replace a door and what signs to look for, review our corresponding article here – and make your next choice a composite door from Klar.

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