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Doors With Sidelights

A front door with a sidelight not only lets in extra light and opens up the space in the hallway but also offers a unique touch to your home. 

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Add Light and Grandeur to your Home with Doors with Sidelights

One option you may not yet have considered while door shopping is fitting your home with unique doors with sidelights. If you have the space for a wider opening at the threshold, this can be a creative way to add some style and a slightly different look to your entrance. An external door with sidelights is not as commonly seen as one that fits a standard opening, so it gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Not only do doors with sidelights differentiate your home, but they can also contribute to a grander feel, as they take up more space and thus indicate that you have more space to play with. As the name implies, ‘sidelights’ are intended to bring light in at the sides of your door, so they will also help brighten up your interior. The enhanced visibility provided by sidelights can also make your home seem more welcoming and less closed off to outsiders approaching.

No Shortage of Styles to Choose from

Klar has designed nine different stock styles of external doors with corresponding sidelights to help simplify your home improvement project. Picking any one of these will ensure that your front door and the sidelight will match appropriately and present a cohesive look. 

If, on the other hand, you would like a bit more freedom to customise the appearance, you can most certainly order a stand-alone external door and a sidelight of your choosing to be put together in your own unique combination. For more guidance on what external doors to buy for your specific home situation, be sure to read our article here.

The Importance of Placement

If you are looking for a front door and sidelights, your considerations will be somewhat different from those you would have if you were planning to replace a side or back door. At the street side of your home, especially if the entrance sees many passers-by, you may want to opt for a style similar to Klar’s six fillings and two panes, where the glass is high off the ground, and the majority of the door and sidelight is solid. This will provide greater privacy and a more secure feel. 

In contrast, if you are replacing or planning a backdoor that opens up onto a yard or terrace, you may feel more inclined to select two fillings and two panes where you will enjoy a much larger glazed area and more light. Or even go so far as just two panes, allowing full views and minimal framing. 

All Your Needs Covered

While certain styles may naturally lend themselves better to certain areas of your home, you can rest assured that if you fall in love with a style that features more glazing than you originally had planned, you won’t need to sacrifice other important needs like security, privacy or insulation.

When you choose a white front door with sidelights from Klar, for example, you will have the option to select hardened safety glass, which is four times stronger than standard. Alternatively, you could opt for a less transparent glass type, like Ornament, Satinovo or Kura, to provide more privacy.

And no matter whether you are ordering a black front door with sidelights or a grey front door with sidelights, you will be able to choose either solid knot-free pinewood or aluclad for the door construction – both highly insulating materials and available in our full colour range. 

As is the case with all doors and windows from Klar, glazing is offered with two layers as standard, and the option to upgrade to triple-glazing ensures that even large expanses of glass in your doors with sidelights do not come at the expense of superior thermal insulation.

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