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Design the Front Door of your Dreams

A house entrance door serves many purposes for you as a homeowner. Its style and colour are a direct reflection of your tastes and give passers-by and visitors a glimpse into the overall feel of your home inside. Is it luxurious and grand? Is it cosy and charming? Is it quirky and funky?

A house front door also creates the most important barrier between the interior and exterior of your home, typically sealing one of its largest openings. As such, it forms a boundary that can either enhance or detract from home security and comfort. It is generally easier for a potential intruder to enter a home on foot through main doors than clambering clumsily through elevated window openings. Entry doors that include strong security features are important for achieving that sense of safety you desire as a homeowner.

The level of comfort you experience in your house is also in part dictated by your front door since it functions as the border between inside temperatures and outside weather. The more well-insulated a house entrance door is, the more you will be able to regulate the interior environment without interference from the outdoors. Keeping heat in on cold winter days or maintaining a cooler temperature indoors on a sweltering summer day should be possible with the proper selection of front doors home.

Custom Front Door Design

In order to avoid compromising on any of these important functions of new front doors, you will want to seek out a supplier that allows for ample customisation of its products, like Klar. The first step is deciding whether you want a plate door or one with a particular combination of fillings and glazing panes.

Klar’s plate doors come in six different versions, featuring either a plain, flat front or a more decorative surface with vertical ridges. You also have the option of adding an oblong rectangular, half-moon or square diamond-shaped window in these profiles to allow for increased visibility of visitors and more light exchange with the outdoors. 

The possibilities for a house front door are seemingly endless when it comes to combinations of fillings and panes. You can mix and match one, two or up to six door fillings with anywhere from one to eight panes of glass, creating widely varying looks to match the style of your home most appropriately. 

Glazing Choices for Entry Doors

Selecting a house entrance door with more glazing will create a more open and inviting impression, allowing a greater amount of natural light inside. Still, it may also feel less secure, as one tends to view the transparent glass as more penetrable than opaque solid surfaces. 

One needn’t worry with main doors from Klar, however, as the panes can be custom chosen with either two or three layers of glass, creating a strong barrier and effectively deterring burglary attempts. Another available option for front door glazing if security concerns loom large is hardened safety glass from Klar, providing a layer four times stronger than regular glass. 

If privacy matters more, then selecting Kura, Ornament or Satinovo decorative glass in the ordering process will ensure a less transparent view. Klar also offers glazing to accommodate other needs, such as sun-protective glass, which will block 63% of the sun’s heat, and acoustic glass, which will help reduce sound transference.

Glazing will also have an effect on the energy efficiency of your house – but you can rest assured that with Klar’s standard double- or triple-paned windows in front doors home, you will benefit from superior thermal insulation capabilities. 

Material Options for Main Doors

The less glazing you have in a house entrance door, the more important the material choice for the rest of the door becomes. Solid wood and aluminium are some of the strongest materials on the market for new front doors today. 

Natural wood is an extremely effective insulator and exudes a high-quality, traditional appearance. Aluminium typically offers a more contemporary look and requires minimal maintenance. Besides offering solid knot-free pinewood entry doors, Klar also gives homeowners the option of aluclad, or composite, front doors. These combine some of the best features of both wood and aluminium – read more in our “What are Composite Doors'' article here.

Depending on the material you select for your house front door, you will also have a choice in colour. You can stick with the most popular, neutral tones sure to match any existing colour scheme, or in the case of wood, decide to paint your new front door any shade under the rainbow.

Making your Door your Own

Besides the important choices of door design, amount of glazing and door material, at Klar, you can also completely customise many other facets of new front doors. You determine the exact dimensions of your main door, its opening direction, latch type, lock and several other details to create the door of your dreams. 

For more inspiration on what external doors to buy, we invite you to read our article on this very subject. Whichever house front door you choose in the end, be sure to partner with a provider that stands behind their products and is with you every step of the way, with guidance from design to installation.  

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