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Patio Doors

Patio doors have handles on the inside, which helps gives the outside of your home a sleek look. In addition, you won't need to worry about locking it when you are out since it can only be opened from the inside. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Patio Doors – the way to your home’s outdoor sanctuary

Whether it is your patio or your garden, the space right outside your home is a special area where you can enjoy being outdoors while still being in the comfort of your home. So if it’s an afternoon barbecuing with the family, planting some colourful sunflowers and azaleas in the garden, or just relaxing in your favourite lounge chair and listening to the twitter of the birds the way to get there is through the patio garden doors. 

Patio doors are just as valuable when you are inside the house, whether to watch the pitter-patter of raindrops against the panes or to see the rising sun with your fluffy slippers on and coffee mug in hand. No matter what your special outdoor space may look like, gardens and patios have pleasant and relaxing associations and they only get better by having a grand entrance. At Klar, we have a large section of patio doors UK, where you can buy patio doors at affordable prices. 

Styles of Patio Doors

When you want to buy patio doors, becoming familiar with the different types and features might seem overwhelming at first. Patio doors differ in look and function from exterior entrance doors, typically featuring larger panes to let the light in from your garden or patio and with only an inner handle. Klar’s patio doors are single doors constructed of only one panel with a modern and minimalistic aesthetic. The tilt and turn patio doors have the versatile functionality of being able to open inward on hinges like a typical door or just a little bit from the top when you want to have some extra ventilation without having to open the door fully. 

Both double patio doors and double tilt and turn patio doors are just like they sound – twin versions of the single standard models. While these are some of the most popular styles of patio doors UK, sliding patio doors offer another option of being able to open the door by sliding it along the track so you can open it completely or just a tiny bit when you want to let some fresh air in but not necessarily the cat from going in and out in the rain. For more information, take a look at our guide, What Style Patio Door to Choose.

Patio Door Interior Handles 

Serving both aesthetic and functional purposes, Klar’s patio doors feature an interior handle. It imparts a sleek, modern look to your home’s exterior. It is also a great safety feature that makes for peace of mind when leaving the house since there’s no need to bother with keys or remembering to lock when you’re rushing out the door. Among the myriad of customisable options to choose from at Klar, you can also select the latch type for your balcony door – either chrome or white.

Klar’s patio doors only have internal door handles due to the special lock housing that enables the installation of a wind brake. The wind brake is a smart function that lets you lock the opening position in place simply by turning the handle. This is a great feature if you only want to open the door a crack for fresh air. If you prefer to have an exterior door handle and lock cylinder like your front entrance door, you can opt for installing a front door model in the entrance to your patio. 

How much are patio doors?

If saving money is one of your top priorities and you have an eye out for patio doors on sale or cheap patio doors UK, then it is a good idea to know an average price range. The costs range a lot depending on the dimensions of your patio or balcony door, the style and customizable options including double- or triple-glazing and wooden or alu-clad frames. That being said, you can definitely save a considerable amount of money by installing patio doors by yourself. 

At Klar, we are big believers in DIY and we know that most of our customers are looking for premium quality at an affordable price. As a customer-focused brand, we put a lot of time and effort into meeting these criteria and have produced an extensive selection of patio doors starting from under 300 GBP. Even the lower-priced products deliver the very same superb quality and craftsmanship as our higher-priced models. Estonian grown, FSC-certified knotfree pinewood is central to Klar’s windows and doors, which is not only very durable and weather-resistant, but also eco-friendly. 

Other customisable features for patio doors

Apart from the dimensions, material and glazing of your patio doors, Klar offers a whole host of customisable features and specification for you to choose from. This way, you can get the patio door that is ideal for your home. You can choose the colour – whether black, anthracite grey or white, the opening direction, latch type, glass, frame groves, trickle vent, threshold, wind brake, packer as well as profile. With Klar’s extremely user-friendly platform, it is easy to see what all of these features entail with clear images and to-the-point descriptions. 

It is easy to see the total cost whenever you click on a particular option, so you can see which features you want to prioritise the most if you are keeping to a budget. What’s more, you can also see the expected shipping date so you can already get ready to be excited for the arrival of your brand new patio doors at home. At the bottom you can see the full list of product information for the specifications, so you can be assured of the premium quality and details about the product you are ordering. In addition to all this, you can rest assured that you are making a safe investment with a 12-year warranty on aluclad products and a 7-year warranty on wood products.

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