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Create a beautiful entrance by adding a sidelight to your front or patio door. We offer affordable sidelights with or without glazing bars and up to three panes or panels. We don't recommend combining sidelights with our Tilt & Turn doors. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Brighten up your home with sidelights

Want to introduce more natural light into your home but haven't got the space for a set of full-blown French doors? Sidelights are perhaps your best option. These vertical glass panels flank your external door and are installed to allow more light to flood into your property while not compromising on the room needed. Sidelights are also a key element in interior design. They are great for highlighting the importance of an entrance hall and making your front door stand out. The added width can ensure a stronger kerb appeal.

What are door sidelights?

Sidelights are usually narrow and rectangular but come in a range of shapes and sizes. They're often installed combined with a main door, but we offer our sides independently too. We've created a number of variants simply by changing the length of glass panels and the number of glazing bars. Each of our sidelights can complement a variety of door designs, allowing you to be very creative when designing the front door of your dreams.

Add sidelights on the sides of your main door to create a more grand entrance and let in all that natural light. And our custom designer lets you configure exactly your style of panels. Here you can replace different elements of the sidelight option for your door. Combined with frosted glass, you still get your privacy, too.

Our sidelights are also perfect matches with our collection of Scandinavian front doors. If you're looking for a replacement door, why not shop our front doors and sidelights together to give your entrance that modern Scandinavian look and beautiful light?

Customize the perfect companion to your door

Klar offers all our elements in a range of colours. Select the light white colour for a clean style, or maybe create a strong and contrasting look with our black sidelights?

If you don't feel like racking your brains, our range of doors with sidelights can surely satisfy your needs. The ten chic front door-sidelight designs we've prepared for you can save you from having to decide which sidelight is right for your door.

The best thing about ordering sidelights with us is that you can easily customise everything in our designs using our bespoke online ordering system. However your dream entrance looks like, you can turn it into reality at Klar at a low price!

Sidelights are perfect to add more light without compromising on wall space. A sidelight will create a grand entrance for your property at a reasonable price.

The ideal sidelight for your external doors

Other than the style and feel you want to create for your entrance, don't forget to consider your practical needs when choosing your sidelights. Think about where your home is located and what your front door is facing. Whilst sidelights can bring more natural light into your entrance, they may also allow passersby to peer into your house.

So if your house is located on the ground floor and your entrance is facing a busy street or path, we recommend sidelights consisting of smaller, shorter, frosted double glazed panels to help protect you against nosy neighbours.

Living on a busy street enables you to take full advantage of the convenience and vibrancy of a city, but it also means you may suffer from noise pollution. Select and shop our acoustic glass for your door and and sidelight. Once installed, the glass panels should enhance the sound ambience of your room.

Triple glazing and alu-clad wood for energy savings

Our triple glazing can provide you with that peace and quiet you need at home. With three layers of strong safety glass, our triple-glazed sidelights can effectively block out the majority of noise coming through your entrance.

Our triple-glazed door sidelights also trap two layers of air between the glass panes, offering supreme thermal efficiency. With your entrance perfectly insulated, you won't have to worry about the annoying cold wind that always seeps through anymore!

The benefits of aluminium and wood for your door sidelights

Simply, choosing alu-clad timber for your doors is the best way to optimise your energy bill. Alu-clad offers a range of benefits for you and your doors:

  • A core of timber with aluminium panels outside combine the best of both synthetic and natural materials.

  • Fantastic insulation letting you conserve more energy

  • Very little maintenance of frames and doors - only the hinges need a yearly lubrication

  • A quality door at a low price

Read more about the benefits of alu-clad wood here.

Eye-catching front door ideas with sidelights

Whilst our fine range of external doors with sidelights is tailored for homeowners who are all about efficiency when renovating their homes, we've come up with a few sidelight ideas to inspire those of you who are about to kickstart your DIY home renovation project. 

Wooden front door with matching double sidelights 

If you want your property to look more expensive than it actually is, this is the perfect way. With two sidelights flanking your front door, the entrance to your property will look bigger and wider without requiring much wall space. This further enhances the glamour of your wooden front door. Again, we recommend styles with glazing bars that divide glazed panels into small sections.

Go all black

We understand the popularity of the modern industrial look among homeowners, and therefore we've come up with this sidelight idea that blends seamlessly into any industrial home design. A solid black door paired with black door sidelights featuring multiple glazing bars will never fail to project that modern industrial chic.

Simply select the colour 'Deep Black' on our configurator when ordering both your front door and sidelights to achieve that coherent look.

Maximise your privacy

Do you love the visual emphasis that glass can generate but don't want to provide a view for nosy passersby? The small panes of glass featuring in this combination decorate your entrance whilst restricting the view from outside your front door. They also allow some sunlight to enter and brighten up your hallway.

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