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Polly Thomas-Colquhoun

The stained glass artist

Discover the pine forest from which our products are made.
Now captured in stained glass on a Klar fixed window.

Watch video (2:45 min)

A window into the Estonian pine forest

Estonia is one of the most forested countries in the world with trees covering nearly half of the mainland. It is also the home to Klar and the place we grow the pine used in our windows and doors. That’s why we commissioned stained glass artist Polly to depict just this motif on our window.


Her piece is made directly on our best-selling product, the fixed window, giving the viewer the illusion of looking straight into the forest. Art has a natural ability to help us see things from a fresh perspective. Therefore, working with Polly has been a beautiful way for us showcase the importance of forests and highlight the connection between our products and the natural environment.


Meticulously handcrafted

The art of stained glass requires high attention to detail. As Polly explains about the precision necessary in the cutting of the glass: »If you’re even a millimeter out, it won’t fit«. At Klar, we truly appreciate this craftsmanship and believe it bears clear resemblance to the way we make our windows and doors. Although we use precision milling machines and robot painting, many processes simply need the human touch. Consequently, more than 35 specialists end up holding and inspecting every product we make.

Polly Thomas-Colquhoun, Close up

Intricate details

Polly’s work on our window is truly breathtaking. It shows selected flora from and around Estonia’s lush pine forest. Among these are wood sorrel, ferns, Estonias national flower, the corn flower, as well as various mushrooms. Have a look at the meticulously hand-painted textures and shades of the mushroom’s lamella. The artwork acts as figurative entrance into nature, thus becoming a self-commenting metaphor for the windows ability to let you look out.

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Watch Polly's process

Learn more about the ancient art of stained glass in our mini-documentary (2:45 min). In it, Polly explains how her piece for Klar was put together.

About the artist

Polly Thomas-Colquhoun is born in Wales, UK and now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark where she is part of the LuftKraft glasstudie. She is a graduate of the prestigious MA Glass course at the Swansea College of Art. You can discover more of Polly’s work on her Instagram @pollycolquhoun_glass.


You can find the FK1 (Fixed One Sash One Pane) window that Polly decorated as well as all of the other products we have to offer over on our windows and doors sections. Have a look!