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Learn more about how to get in touch if you have a problem with your Klar order.

No one is perfect - neither are we. Of course, we always strive to deliver products of the highest possible quality. However, on rare occasions, errors unfortunately still happen.

But don't worry - satisfied customers are our top priority!
If you experience an error with one of our products, notice a defect or if there is something that does not quite meet your expectations, then please let us know so that we can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Once we receive your inquiry through the link on the right-hand side of the page, you will hear from us within the next working day!

Faults and deficiencies

If you find a defect with a product, DO NOT install it until you have documented the fault and been in contact with our customer service. If you install the window or door first without the agreement and confirmation, the product is considered to be approved by you. If the fault is missing a handle or similar, you can of course safely install the element.

NOTE! Please note that the quality of the product (including; appearance, skews, asymmetry, etc.) cannot be assessed/tested until the product is fully installed in accordance with our installation guidelines.

Take pictures!

No matter when you discover a fault or defect, always take pictures of it!
When we have proper photo material at our disposal, it makes it easier for our service technician to plan their next steps.

Use our procedure

When filing an issue, please always use the above-mentioned points when filling in the form. That way, we are confident that we will have the information we need and that we can process your complaint in a quick and productive way.

If you feel that our procedures were not fully explained, please do not hesitate to contact customer support.

During delivery

When you receive your products, it is important that you check the entire delivery for any possible faults or defects immediately, before unpacking your items. Preferably together with the delivery driver. These damages are categorised as 'visible damages'.

Please write down any kind of transport damage on the delivery note that the driver will ask you to sign and contact us within 24 hours.  Now you can unpack your products and look for 'invisible damages' that have occurred during delivery, these are damages that you cannot see before unpacking the products. You must contact us about invisible damages within 7 days of your delivery. 

Quick contact!

If you find a defect, it is important that you contact us using our complaint form. It's also important that you contact us as soon as possible and preferably within 24 hours after you have discovered it. In case you discover some damages, later on, it is difficult to prove that it occurred during transport. That is why it is important that you immediately bring it to our attention.

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