Digital showroom

At Klar, we are proud to be digital first. That's why we have replaced physical, in-person showrooms with a digital one. In our digital showroom, you can browse our products in a 3D-shaped environment - from the comfort of your home.

Browsing for your new doors and windows from your home makes the process a lot quicker and easier for you. When you have found the windows and doors you'd like for your home, you can order directly from our website.

This saves you money and gives you the ability to design your windows and doors yourself.

Windows and doors in our digital showroom

When visiting our digital showroom, you can view a variety of different windows and doors, which we offer on our site. You begin the tour by seeing two rows of windows, where you can have a closer look at Top Guided Windows, Fixed Windows, Casement Windows, Georgian Windows and Cottage Windows. All with different design choices such as colour, handles, glass type, and glazing bars.

Further down in the showroom, you can view our different door options. Here you can take a look at our Front Doors, Doors with Sidelight and Patio Doors. Each door has its own unique design and can give you a better idea of which design element you prefer for your home.

Practical choices

In our showroom, you can also explore different choices that you can make when designing your windows and doors. The blackboard displays a variety of trickle vents, glazing bars, handles, thresholds & glass types. This can help you make the right choice to match your needs.

Take a look at the two window displays placed on the table in the far back corner. These display what double-glazing and triple-glazing look like from the inside of your window. As you can see, triple-glazing has that extra glass layer, which can keep the cold outside to ensure a comfortable room temperature inside your home.

Digital showroom Klar
Make your home a better place

Upgrade your home with energy efficient doors and window. You're able to design the door and window to fit exactly what you need.

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