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At Klar, we are not just proud of the elements we produce but also that they are of the absolute best possible quality, which means that you can use your windows and doors for years to come.

Our warranty covers the whole product, whether a window or a door

Changing windows and doors is an important decision for many of us. For most, it happens only once in our lifetime - and at Klar, we want you to be happy with your decision. This is directly reflected in our warranty terms. If we provide defective goods, or the fault appears later, we will do our very best to correct it quickly and professionally. The only thing you have to do is to take good care of your new windows and doors and enjoy the view!

You can read more about Klar's warranty terms and conditions below:

CategoryAluminium-clad windows and doorsWooden windows and doors
Materials12-year warranty7-year warranty
Glazing & panels12-year warranty7-year warranty
Handles, fittings, hinges etc12-year warranty7-year warranty

Maintenance Guide

Adding just a few minutes to your regular cleaning routine will guarantee that you are on top of any issues as soon as they arise and increase the longevity of your products. Following Klar’s maintenance guide will ensure the peak performance of your windows and doors for as long as they last.

Important to know

We offer a 12-year warranty on aluminium-clad products and a 7-year warranty on wood products, provided that the elements are installed according to our installation guidelines and the weather sealing has been applied correctly. Complaints concerning damaged units, which have already been installed, will not be accepted.

The product warranty is valid exclusively for factory-painted elements and presupposes continuous surface treatment and maintenance concerning damages and paint degradation. The product warranty covers either repair or compensation. Discontinued products are replaced by similar ones. The warranty does not cover indirect damages, installation, or related expenses.

  • Klar's warranty does not cover indirect damage caused by incorrect installation, lack of lubrication or maintenance.

  • The warranty does not cover after-sales services such as adjustment of hinges and frames, varnishing, repair of small cracks in the wood, removal of knots, or repair of blisters or bubbles in the paint.

  • The warranty does not cover elements installed in particularly exposed areas with strong climate and environmental influences, such as coastal areas or similar.

Thermal break

A thermal break/explosion is a crack that develops from the edge of the pane. This can occur when there are different temperatures on the glass due to, for example, partial shade, furniture, textiles or heat sources too close to the glass surface. Our warranty does not cover thermal breakage of any kind.

Regulation of atmospheric pressure

Insulating glass contains a certain amount of air and gas that can vary depending on the barometric air pressure. Our standard warranty covers glass panes at 650 metres above sea level. For installation above this altitude, please get in touch with our customer service before ordering

There is no warranty for insufficient waterproofness or water penetration on door elements with a 1-point lock, inward-opening doors or inward-facing double doors.

The visual defect must be assessed from the inside at a distance of at least 2 metres and from the outside at a distance of at least 3 metres, and the assessment must be made in diffuse daylight (e.g. cloudy sky) without direct sunlight or artificial light. Irregularities that are not visible are not considered defects. The warranty does not cover products with visible wood structures due to the natural grain pattern.

Orders purchased between 13/06/2023 and 08/09/2023 are covered:

  • 12-year warranty on aluminium-clad products

  • 7-year warranty on wood products

  • 1-year warranty on glass and glass panes

  • 1-year warranty on handles, fittings, hinges, lock etc.

Orders purchased before 13/06/2023 are covered by:

  • 10-year warranty on aluminium-coated products

  • 10-year warranty on wood products

  • 1-year warranty on glass and glass panes

  • 1-year warranty on handles, fittings, hinges, lock etc.

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