You can find an overview of Klar's Warranty here.

At Klar, we are not just proud of the elements we produce, we are also proud of the fact that they are of the absolute best possible quality, which means that you can use your windows and doors for years to come.

For many of us, changing our windows and doors is a huge and important decision to make. For most, it is something that happens maybe only once in our lifetime - and at Klar, we want to make you satisfied with your decision. This is directly reflected in our warranty terms.
You can be sure that in case of defective or faulty goods are provided by us or the fault appears on a later date we will surely do our best to correct it quickly and professionally. The only thing you have to do is to continuously maintain your new windows and doors and simply enjoy the view!

You can read more about Klar's warranty terms and conditions below:

Klar offers a 10 years product warranty on defective or faulty goods, provided that the elements are installed according to our installation guidelines and that the installation and weather seals have been done correctly.

Product Warranty

The product warranty is valid exclusively for factory painted elements and presupposes continuous surface treatment and maintenance in connection to damages and paint degradation. The product warranty covers either repair or compensation. Discontinued products are replaced by similar ones. Indirect damages, installation, and expenses related to it are not covered by the warranty.

Glazing & panels

The warranty for glazing and panels is 1 year.
The warranty period for visual defects on glass is 1 year. Handles, cylinders, fittings, sealing strips, and other wear and tear parts are covered by a 1-year product warranty.

Indirect damages

Indirect damages caused by incorrect installation, a lack of lubrication, or maintenance are not covered by Klar's warranty. The warranty does not include after-sales services such as adjusting hinges and frames, refinishing, fixing small splits in the wood, knot removal, fixing paint blistering, or paint bubbling.

Water intrusion

There is no warranty for insufficient waterproofness or water penetration on door elements with a 1-point lock or inward opening doors mounted in exposed facades.

If you have any doubts about our quality and our warranty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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