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Klar United Kingdom is a newly created branch (2019) of Klar Denmark that was established with its own factory in Estonia in 2014 and has been exclusively producing quality windows and doors for the Scandinavian markets ever since.

As opposed to other producers, Klar reaches its customer through a wholly unique and seamless award-winning web platform, which helps customers save both time and money while shopping for new windows and doors online.

Klar has won, amongst other awards The Silver Egg at The Golden Egg Award in Estonia. We did this by adhering to our 4 key principles throughout our entire process.

Klar's 4 main principles

Holdbar kvalitet
1. Durable Quality
Lavet i hånden - præciseret af robotter
2. Crafted by hand. Precision by robots.
Lavet til dit hjem. Tæt på dit hjem.
3. Made for your home. Close to home.
4. Sustainability at the core

Principle 1: Durable Quality

Durable Quality is evident in our factory. Each window and door is meticulously created, resulting in unmatched durability. We're proud to collaborate with industry experts such as Assa Abloy and Saint Gobaine stand as cornerstones of the durability that defines Klar. The 12-year guarantee we offer stands as a mark of distinction, showcasing our commitment to setting industry standards and our community of 50,000 happy customers and a Trustpilot score of 4.3, the stories of satisfaction are our greatest endorsement

Principle 2: Craft by hand. Precision by robots.

At Klar, our windows and doors are crafted by over 70 skilled hands in our own factories, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and a unique soul in each product. We blend human craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, employing automated machines for precise tasks, guaranteeing perfect alignment of every component. Unlike other companies, our factory exclusively produces Klar products, optimizing every process and eliminating unnecessary steps to lower costs without compromising quality. What sets us apart is our commitment to custom-built products made to order. With us you're selecting a personalized solution tailored to your specifications, reflecting your unique style and needs. In essence, Klar products are perfected in our own factory, combining customization, innovation, and quality control

Principle 3: Made for your home. Close to your home.

We are committing to our local craftsmanship and design. Crafted in Europe, our products embody the skills of artisans who understand local needs and weather conditions. Danish design principles, known for simplicity, elegance, and functionality, ensure our windows and doors are ideally suited to withstand the elements. We proudly source locally, planting a new tree for everyone cut down and supporting our community by producing close to where our products are sold.

Principle 4: Sustainability at the core

This underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility. Rejecting overproduction, we embrace a made-to-order model, reducing waste and ensuring purposeful craftsmanship. Our use of slow-grown, responsibly sourced pine reflects sustainability from raw material inception. Energy efficiency is paramount, with our windows boasting a U-value of 0.79, minimizing heat loss, reducing energy consumption, and contributing to a greener future. Even our online presence aligns with our commitment, as evidenced by our CO2-neutral website, showcasing our dedication to a positive digital footprint.

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The vision of Klar is simple - we exist for our customers!
This is how you contact us

For most people, an investment in new windows and doors is not a standard procedure, making it a huge decision. That is why we are always ready to help you — with good advice, guidance, information and generally, just answering you're every question. Do not hesitate to contact us — all questions are relevant, and we take them all seriously!

Our customer support is located in Denmark because they are experts on Scandinavian windows and doors! We are ready to guide you through every step and find the right windows and doors!

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