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Top Guided Windows

A top-guided window is operated by pushing the sash out at the bottom with a handle. The design protects against the weather and is manufactured to your bespoke measurements. We don't offer a child lock on our top guided windows. ✓ 12-year warranty on aluclad products and 7-year warranty on wood products ✓ Price match

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Top guided windows: Your simplistic window solution

Looking for some sleek, versatile and user-friendly windows for your home? Don't forget about top guided windows! Thanks to their simplistic design, top guided windows are a go-to choice for homeowners seeking a modern and minimalist interior design. Extremely easy to operate, top guided windows make natural light and fresh air incredibly accessible. They are a perfect combination of convenience, comfort and style.

You can operate a top guided window with a single handle. Featuring sliding brackets on both sides, the top of the sash of a top guided window slides downwards whilst the bottom opens outwards when you open your top guided window. The result is exceptional ventilation as fresh air can enter your room from both the top and bottom.

Our range of top guided windows

Our many variants of top guided windows bring you endless possibilities to create your dream home. If your bedroom is small and compact, top guided windows with one opening sash and no glazing bars are perhaps your best window solution. Featuring only two panes of glass and a single opening, this variant fits perfectly into rooms of any size. Its lack of a glazing bar offers you unrestricted views of the outdoors, making the illusion of a larger room as abundant natural light expands the sense of space of your room. 

If you've got a spacious contemporary home and want to maximise its sense of openness, you may want to consider variants with two or three opening sashes. With three large panes of glass sitting adjacent to each other, top guided windows with multiple sashes give your eyes unlimited access to the outdoors. They also allow plenty of sunlight to flood into your room, creating a great sense of openness. Last but not least, the extensive openings mean excellent ventilation - ideal for those beautiful summer days when you want that lovely fresh breeze to fill your room.

Looking for something to bring the classic into the present? Our top guided windows with intersecting glazing bars are designed for those of you who embrace traditional architecture. Whilst their simple operating mechanism provides the convenience of a contemporary home, the glazing bars that lay across the single pane of glass give your property a traditional touch. If you're after a modern vintage interior design, our top guided windows with different numbers of glazing bars are what you need to combine the beauty of traditional architecture with modern functionality.

Top guided windows made with care

Our quality Scandinavian top guided windows are highly customisable, which means every single one of them is uniquely made with care. Our top guided windows are made in our own factory. With no middlemen involved, we have complete control over the quality of craftsmanship. We only use the finest materials to produce our top guided windows. The window frames are made of FSC certified, slow-growing pinewood. Its' high proportion of heartwood means tremendous durability. Its' FSC certification means we're only sourcing from responsible forests. Hence, we're able to manufacture top guided windows that are truly long-lasting: apart from producing top guided windows that last for many years to come, our way of production allows us to continuously manufacture high-quality top guided windows for many households.

If your budget isn't that tight and you want to take the durability of your top guided windows to the next level, why not go for aluclad window frames? A brilliant combination of aluminium and pinewood, aluclad window frames are made for those of you who're after something extremely low-maintenance. The aluminium cladding exterior provides a strong layer of protection for the timber interior, making your window frames incredibly resistant to everyday wear and tear. Your top guided windows will literally last a lifetime, and you won't even need to paint them!

Glass panes are probably the most important components of your top guided windows other than window frames, and we always make sure we're offering you the strongest types of glass that suit your needs. For instance, if you're looking to keep your room nice and cool during summer, our sun protective glass can definitely serve the purpose. It effectively reduces heat inside your home, keeping your living space cool and cosy during the hottest months. Living on a busy street and fed up with noise pollution? Our acoustic glass can do you a favour. Blocking out the majority of street noise, our acoustic glass can keep your home quiet and peaceful even when you're living among the hustle and bustle of the city. For those who are looking to keep your room as private as possible, our ornament glass is tailor-made for you. Its crude and rough surface enhances the aesthetics of your windows and stops your nosy neighbour from peeping in.

We care about comfort and functionality, and therefore our top guided windows are available in double- or triple-glazed options. Trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass, our double-glazed top guided windows can act as a barrier between harsh weather conditions and your home. With our double-glazed top guided windows, your home is guaranteed to stay well-insulated and cosy all winter long. For some extra energy efficiency, go for our Premium Energi+ triple-glazed top guided windows. The additional pane of glass traps an extra layer of air within the window, making your home even more insulated. This means you can potentially slash your energy bills and save plenty of money during winter!

Ordering your customised top guided windows is easy - you can get it done in a few easy steps using our bespoke online ordering system. What are you waiting for? Upgrade your home with our charming Scandinavian top guided windows today!

Purchased before 08/09/23

Orders purchased between 13/06/2023 and 08/09/2023 are covered:

  • 12-year warranty on aluminium-clad products

  • 7-year warranty on wood products

  • 1-year warranty on glass and glass panes

  • 1-year warranty on handles, fittings, hinges, lock etc.

Orders purchased before 13/06/2023 are covered by:

  • 10-year warranty on aluminium-coated products

  • 10-year warranty on wood products

  • 1-year warranty on glass and glass panes

  • 1-year warranty on handles, fittings, hinges, lock etc.

Water intrusion

There is no warranty for insufficient waterproofness or water penetration on door elements with a 1-point lock, inward-opening doors or inward-facing double doors.

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