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Your new doors should be made uniquely for your home. Here's four good reasons why you should choose Klar for that job:

We produce the doors at our own factory
We replant trees used for our doors
We're here to help you by phone or email at most hours
You get 10 years warranty on all doors
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Upgrade your home with beautiful Scandinavian external doors

External doors are an indispensable feature of any house and building. Suitable external front door is what welcomes your visitors and determines the first impression of your home, whilst your external French doors give your home the amount of sunlight, fresh air, and look it deserves. Exterior doors play a significant role in completing the outdoor aesthetic of your property by giving openings into the fresh air.

Complementing your home with a suitable exterior door with the right materials, frames, colours and styles can make your property look put together, and potentially more expensive!

We understand how important front doors are, and therefore we offer a wide range of exquisite Scandinavian entrance doors for you to choose from. Choose from a modern or more traditional style.

Whether you're looking to spice up the look of your home or find the perfect replacement door for extra security, you're guaranteed to find something you love.

Leave a lasting impression with wooden exterior doors

Your new external door is the first thing that your guests see when they visit your place, which is precisely why you want to choose your external door carefully.

Each of them can be customised according to your preference. Whether you've got a stunning period home soaked in history or a modern flat that screams minimalism, here at Klar you're going to find an external door that blends flawlessly into the rest of your home.

Customise our broad range of front doors

The powerful configurator in our unique online ordering system makes it super easy to create the colour, hinges, material, door handles and glazing bars of your external door according to the vibe of your property. Choose from double glazed or triple glazed glass to suit your wishes.

External doors and their frames impact the aesthetic aspects of your home and provide plenty of functionality. Styles that come with different sizes of glass panels are designed to bring light into your room - perfect for those of you who love a bright, naturally-lit room.

Style, protection and durability

We all want to keep our homes safe and secure, and that's why our external doors feature PAS24 door and cylinder locks. They've also got unique anti-theft deadbolt and strike plates in the frames. With these security features, you won't have to worry about burglars every time you leave home. The durable hinges need only a yearly lubrication to stay sharp.

Matching your beautiful home with a high-quality Scandinavian-style external door can greatly enhance the style of your property. A more attractive-looking home not only makes living more enjoyable but also appeals to potential future buyers. Upgrading your external door is definitely an investment worthwhile.

Make the most of your outdoor spaces with external wooden doors

If you have the luxury of having private outdoor spaces at home, why not take them to the next level by introducing a beautiful set of patio doors to seamlessly connect your indoor living spaces with nature?

Just like our range of external doors, our traditional external French door is stunning but still functional. Dated from the Renaissance, external French doors never fail to give any home a classic, elegant look.

Their double or triple glazing and sturdy, insulative materials protect your living space against cold, harsh weather. Worrying about thieves breaking in from your garden? Just like our external door range, our external double doors or patio doors come with durable cylinder locks for ultimate security. Installing our patio doors means you can go to bed with greater peace of mind.

Our quality external wooden doors

Whilst a new external door can be made with a variety of materials and elements, we believe in the beauty and reliability of traditions. Here at Klar, we're committed to offering you external wooden doors of the highest quality and most beautiful styles.

There is a reason why wood has stood the test of time: it is sturdy, thermally efficient, polished, and affordable. Our range of external doors are made of knot-free pinewood originating from FSC certified forests.

Since the frame is made of 100% heartwood, our external wooden doors are more durable than the average wooden doors.

We paint every single one of our external wooden doors in our own factory so we can ensure our external wooden doors are perfect in every aspect and suit your vision. Our consistency explains why our external wooden doors are loved by so many - from the professional to the DIY enthusiast.

A complete range of options for our door sets

Got a little bit of money to spare and looking to upgrade your external wooden doors even further? Go for our aluclad option. A combination of wooden and aluminium doors, our aluclad external doors are the best of both worlds.

The aluminium cladding exterior acts as a barrier between the wooden interior and everyday wear and tear, making the external door even more long-lasting - able to withstand even the harsh Nordic climate.

Knot-free pinewood is the perfect material for our traditional Scandinavian style external doors as it embodies class and timelessness.

If you think you've got a tasteful home, our external doors will surely not disappoint your sense of style.