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Perhaps the most important feature to your home is the external entrance doors. They allow you to enter, provide safety and security, aid in energy-efficiency and are the welcoming first impression of your home. That being said, outer doors certainly fill a tall order – and the reason why it is worth taking the time to find just the right outer doors for your cosy haven.

When you are considering which exterior doors to buy, it is a good idea to look into the aesthetics and functionality. Klar carries a wide variety of popular styles made with top-notch, eco-certified materials. No matter whether you’re shopping around for external side doors or external entrance doors, you might want to take a look at our helpful guide on What External Doors to Buy.

Exterior front door styles 

There is a wide range of options for you to choose from when it comes to outer doors’ styles. Do you prefer a solid, robust plate door or one with a window for added charm and to let a little light in? At Klar, we cater to your preferences and have made it easy for you to choose just the right doors for your needs. Not only is it easy to get a clear overview of the different styles of doors on our user-friendly platform and digital showroom, we also make all of our exterior doors styles customisable – from composite and front doors, as well as other types of external doors such as patio doors, double patio doors and tilt and turn patio doors, and doors with sidelights, sidelights, as well as french doors. 

This way, you can compare between various styles of exterior doors, from plate doors with a traditional diamond or half-moon window, or the combination of fillings and glass panes you like the best. The wide variety of alternatives let you personalise your exterior front doors, so you can opt for sleek external grey doors for a clean, modern aesthetic or go with glass panel exterior doors for an elegant and stylish touch, to name just a couple classic choices. 

Customisable options for outer doors

At Klar, we keep you and your family as our priority – when you order from our website, you have a number of customisable options when configuring your outer doors. This way, you can get exactly the functionality and aesthetic that suits you best. So, you choose the dimensions for your external doors, along with the materials, glazing, colour, opening direction, latch type, lock, glass, profile, frame grooves, trickle vent, threshold, and packer. And if you’re not totally sure what all these features mean, it’s easy to click on any single option for a clear visual and short description. 

Each of the customisable options offer excellent quality choices so you can get the most beautiful and sturdy door that both looks and works just the way you want it to. For example, whether you choose the interior or exterior colour as white, anthracite grey or black, the finish is exquisitely smooth and even, thanks to the work of our Finiture Saonara painting robot. The outstanding quality performed by our painting robot alone is a reason in itself to go with Klar’s luxuriously finished external doors. 

External Doors Materials 

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Knot-free timber from heartwood. Jokes aside, Klar’s FSC-certified pinewood is a premium quality material that is both stable and weather resistant. This tried-and-true heartwood is at the heart of all our products, and we match it with the excellent craftsmanship of carefully selected partners who specialise in glass, lock and handles, fittings and paints to deliver external doors of extraordinary quality to our customers. 

When selecting the outer doors to your home – whether the external entrance door or external side doors – you can choose between pinewood doors or alu-clad. Alu-clad is a combination of pinewood and aluminium, and has all the benefits of timber but is nearly maintenance-free. For more details on the difference between these two, check out our blog on Composite Doors vs. Alu-Clad Doors: Which is Better?