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Double front doors – make a grand entrance

The front doors of your home are arguably the most important feature of all, since they are the main portal of entrance and provide security for keeping what you want inside and what you don't want, out. Double entrance doors provide a unique statement look and make it easy to move things in and out. If you’re going for an impressive look for the front of your house, then you might consider getting external double door sets. To orient yourself in the market of double external doors, a great place to start is to check out our guide, A Buyer’s Guide on What External Doors to Buy.

Like all of Klar’s products, the double sets demonstrate the same superior quality and craftsmanship with premium FSC-certified slow grown pinewood and various customisable options. Despite the level of quality and excellent construction, Klar keeps prices low for our customers. As proud proponents of DIY, we make it easy for even first timers to install their own doors and windows by themselves without having to call in a professional. Not only does this keep costs low, it also brings a sweet satisfaction from knowing you have personally contributed to installing major fixtures in your home. 

Styles of Front Double Doors

Depending on the style you go for – and at Klar, there are certainly many to choose from – you can personalise the look of your home and also get the functionality you most desire. You can select the number of fillings and panes you would like, which entirely changes the aesthetic and performance of the double external doors. Fillings are secure, solid and offer the maximum protection when it comes to safety. On the other hand, windows are beautiful, welcoming and let in a lot of light.

Many customers go for what they think is the most attractive, while others consider the area they live in or what is best for their family and little ones. Two of the simplest designs – either two panes or four fillings – impart very different looks and performance. Double doors designs with two panes certainly let in a lot of light and give a modern, transparent touch to any home. In contrast to these double front doors with glass, external double door sets with four fillings are made of solid wood – or alu-clad, should you go with that option. Double opening front doors that are made of fillings give off an impression of robustness, solidity and are likely to be the safest option. Interested in knowing more? Check out our guide on Everything You Need to Know About How to Secure Doors

The number of panes changes the look of double entrance doors

When considering the number of glass panes for your double doors design, how many you choose greatly affects the look. From the simplest option of two panes to the most elaborate of sixteen panes, it is a good idea to consider how the look matches the rest of your house. The simpler styles like the two or six paned versions are modern, clean and sleek, as opposed to the double external doors with a larger number of panels. The front double doors with twelve or sixteen panels are reminiscent of Georgian style designs, and impart a traditional or romantic charm. 

At Klar, we have the pleasure of giving our customers a wide variety of customisable options so that each and every one can find the ideal doors or windows for their home. Sometimes, the selection can even seem overwhelming. For example, not only can you choose the number of fillings and glass panels, but you also get to choose whether you want double- or triple-glazing, and whether you want a specific kind of glass, such as clear glass, acoustic glass, sun protective glass, kura, ornament, satinovo and hardened glass.

Which colour for my double door set is best?

In the same way that the number of panels or filling greatly affects the overall look, so does the colour you choose. At Klar, you have the option of anthracite grey double doors, white double doors, or black double front doors. External double door sets give off a stronger impression than standard front doors, since they are about twice the size. What this means is that whatever colour you go with, it will make a big statement since the surface area of the external double doors is quite large. 

Of course, it all depends on your preference but as a general guideline, white is fresh and uplifting, black is sleek and modern, and grey is a more neutral in-between option that goes well with many different types of homes. It is also a good idea to take the overall look of your house into consideration. Perhaps you have Japanese-inspired architecture, or all your neighbours' front doors are white? In these situations, it is clear that you would probably opt for black double front doors in the former scenario and white double doors in the latter. 

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