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At Klar, we wish to provide the best customer experience during delivery.

Our standard delivery is to the kerbside with a 12m long and 2m high lorry.

It is your responsibility to let us know if a 12m long and 2m high lorry cannot access the delivery address. On this page you can find alternative delivery methods suitable for your address. If you need a special delivery, please contact us at - together we will find a solution.

Long truck
Sprinter van
Sprinter van
Crane truck

Our delivery methods

We deliver your windows and doors directly from our factory in Estonia. Once your order has been dispatched from our factory, you will receive an email indicating an approximate transit time to our UK warehouse. After arrival at our UK warehouse, our local transport partner will contact you directly with the exact delivery date. We deliver Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm and the driver calls 30-60 minutes prior to arrival.

At Klar, we offer several different delivery methods in order to deliver to, for example, construction sites or narrow roads.

Standard delivery

Our standard delivery is with a 12m long, 2.5m wide and 2.2m high lorry to kerbside and cost £495.

The driver brings a pallet lifter, which makes it possible to drive the pallet from the truck’s lift onto the pavement. A pallet lifter can only drive on solid asphalt or similar surfaces and we cannot deliver on, for example, courtyards with gravel for a standard delivery.

If a 12m long lorry cannot access the address, we need to be notified as soon as the order is shipped from the factory so we can arrange the nearest kerbside or help with an alternative delivery method.

Sprinter van

Delivery with a sprinter van

If you live on a narrow or gravel road we offer delivery with a sprinter van. A small van is 7m long, 2.5m wide and 2.05m high.

Kindly note that if an order contains a product that is taller than 185 cm, it is not possible to deliver with a sprinter van due to the internal height of the van as the pallet itself is 20 cm high. Price depend on delivery address - please contact us for exact price.

Delivery with a crane truck

If you want delivery to your door, into your garden or to a construction site, we offer delivery by crane. A crane is 10m long, 4m high and 2.5m wide. Price depend on delivery address - please contact us for exact price.


During delivery

We recommend that you are present during delivery to ensure that your order is in good condition upon arrival. If damages has occurred during transport (i.e. broken foil) or damages occurs during delivery, please write “damage” on the delivery note before signing and take a photo before removing the packaging. You must attach the photo to the complaint form.

If you are not present during delivery, the order will still be delivered to your address and we will take a photo of the location, and you will be responsible for any damage, theft or the like. You now have 24 hours to report any transport or delivery damages at


We pack your order with care

It is important for us to secure our products during transport, which is why we secure the elements on a pallet and then wrap them in foam edges and foil. The wrapping is only intended for transport protection. Therefore, make sure to remove it once the products are safely placed.

For storage, the products must be placed on a stable surface and protected from moisture, sunlight and other damage. Wood is a living product that will move over time if it has not been installed.

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