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Sick of your dull room and want to brighten it up to lift your mood? Fixed windows are exactly what you need. Featuring no openings, fixed windows are not designed to ventilate but to flood your home with natural light. Installing fixed windows in a dark, gloomy room will instantly fill the space with sunlight and transform it into a lovely bright abode. Having a chic fixed window at home also means you're guaranteed to have a room with a great view. A high-quality fixed window with large glass panels enables you to make the most of the stunning surrounding scenery.

Fixed windows are tremendously versatile: they can not only be installed on their own but also in combination with other types of windows and doors. The versatility of fixed windows makes them the ideal windows for creative homeowners who are ready to embark on their DIY home improvement projects. Need some ideas on how to combine windows? Our collection of combination windows is tailored to provide excellent ventilation, natural lighting and ultimate style all at the same time.

If you're simply looking to upgrade the look of your house, fixed windows provide an affordable way for you to create the home of your dreams. With prices starting at £57.72, you can dramatically transform the appearance of your home without breaking the bank. Featuring a total of 21 styles, our range of fixed windows can blend perfectly into your living space no matter what interior design styles you're after.

Spice up the look of your home with fixed windows

Designed not to be opened, fixed windows are often used to enhance the lighting and aesthetics of a property. This is precisely why our collection of fixed windows consists of as many as 21 different styles. Created by mixing and matching various numbers of glazing bars and panes of glass, each of the 21 variants boasts a distinctive look and feel. Our wide range of fixed windows has hence made home renovation super easy, regardless of the vibes and architectural styles you want your home to embody.

Homeowners looking to build a minimalist home may find the one-pane style with no glazing bars appealing. Its narrow frame, clean lines and large single pane of glass scream simplicity whilst allowing you to enjoy the view from your room without any restrictions. The enormous glass panel seamlessly connects your indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a sense of openness. If you're after a tremendously spacious living space that boasts minimalism, our one-pane fixed windows with no glazing bars won't fail to impress you.

Interested in playing around with geometric designs? Our fixed windows with multiple panes of glass are here to satisfy your desire. Instead of glazing bars, these fixed window styles feature window frames that hold the glass panes together. Meanwhile, the window frames also divide the windows into interesting rectangular shapes. Installing fixed windows with multiple glass panels is a great way to introduce geometric shapes and patterns into your home design, bringing you one step closer to having the most tasteful home in your neighbourhood!

We all love things from the past, so we aren't surprised about how big the modern vintage trend has become. Our one-pane fixed windows with intersecting glazing bars are tailored for all of you who want to introduce the trend into your home. The decorative glazing bars that lay across the glass pane remind us of a vintage cottage window. Installing a one-pane fixed window with intersecting glazing bars will instantly give your property that idyllic touch. 

Stay warm with our energy-efficient fixed windows

Besides maximising daylight, another key function of fixed windows is keeping your house warm during the winter months. We understand your insulation needs, and therefore our fixed windows are available in double- and triple-glazed options. Our double-glazed fixed windows feature two panes of glass that effectively trap a layer of air in between. Such structure stops heat from escaping your home whilst preventing cold air from entering, bringing about a warm, well-insulated indoor space.

Fed up with the staggering energy bills every winter? Here at Klar, we're offering you the ultimate solution. Our Premium Energi+ triple-glazed fixed windows have three glass panes and two cavities. The extra layer of air provides an additional barrier between your indoor living space and the cold weather, making it even more difficult for heat to escape from your house. With our triple-glazed fixed windows, you can finally turn down your heating and start saving!

Our wide range of fixed windows is highly customisable so you can tailor your fixed windows according to your preference. Customising your fixed windows is extremely easy thanks to our unique online ordering system. Upgrade your home with your dream fixed windows today.