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Got an old cottage to renovate, or want to inject some idyllic cottage charm into your modern home? Either way, you've come to the right place because our extensive collection of Scandinavian cottage windows won't fail to fulfil your needs. Our beautiful cottage windows boast the traditional elegance of a rural cottage. Introducing our cottage windows into your home will instantly take you back in time and turn your living space into somewhere anyone is reluctant to leave. If you want to breathe life into your run-down cottage, our Scandinavian cottage windows are the perfect replacement for those worn-out original cottage windows. Features FSC certified knot-free pinewood and double or triple glazing, our cottage windows provide your traditional cottage with modern functionality.

Installing our cottage-style windows is a great way to preserve the characters of your old cottage. Replicating the look of traditional Scandinavian cottage windows, our cottage-style windows are a fantastic combination of conventional beauty and 21st-century comfort. Available in as many as 27 different styles, our vast range of cottage windows is designed based on the many variations of cottage windows seen in different period properties. That's why you don't have to worry about not finding what you want when you shop with Klar: our huge variety of cottage windows means there's going to be something that complements your old property, no matter what period it's from!

Our Scandinavian cottage windows can still be an interesting feature in your house even if you've got a contemporary home. Adding a little bit of country cottage charm to your house is a clever way to make your living space stylish and attractive. After all, we're all pretty nostalgic: who isn't drawn to the idea of travelling back in time and enjoying a lovely vintage cottage? Our cottage-style windows can take you back to the good old days by bringing the past to the present. The classic Scandinavian designs of our cottage windows will make you feel like you're living in a gorgeous old cottage but with modern security and energy efficiency standards.

Cottage style windows with exceptional quality

We believe that timeless cottage windows deserve to be made with the finest materials. Here at Klar, we're doing everything it takes to ensure that our cottage-style windows can truly stand the test of time. In order to achieve exceptional quality, we've selected the best pinewood available in Estonia to produce our cottage-style windows. We only use slow-growing, knot-free pinewood to ensure the quality and aesthetic appeal of our cottage windows. Thanks to the high proportion of heartwood, the timber we've chosen are extremely sturdy, making them the perfect material for manufacturing cottage window frames. As a result, our cottage windows are strong enough to withstand everyday wear and tear and can last for many years to come. We care about the impacts of window manufacturing, and therefore all of our pinewood is FSC certified. This means we only source from these certified forests where the number of trees cut is always smaller than that of the forests that can reproduce. The FSC certification also implies that the biodiversity within the forests is protected, and so is the welfare of everybody working there. We're devoted to producing cottage-style windows that make people happy, using wood that is sourced responsibly. 

Quality is tremendously important to us, so we're ready to take every step to maximise the durability of our cottage-style windows. Our aluclad cottage windows are the enhanced version of the pinewood variant. A combination of aluminium and timber, our aluclad cottage windows feature an aluminium cladding exterior that protects the pinewood interior against harsh weather. This makes our aluclad cottage windows unbelievably long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free. You won't even have to paint your window frame once in a while!

The most powerful thing about modern-day windows is their ability to keep you warm and cosy during the gloomy winter months. When it comes to the thermal efficiency of our cottage windows, you mustn't forget about their high-performance glazing. Our double-glazed cottage windows offer the basic insulation you need to get through the typical winter days. The layer of air trapped between the two panes of glass forms a barrier between the outdoor environment and your home, preventing cold air from entering your home. If you're determined to slash your energy bills, our triple-glazed cottage windows will surely make you happy. Featuring three panes of glass, our triple-glazed cottage windows have an additional cavity that provides extra insulation to your home. With triple-glazed cottage windows installed, you can sit and wait for your winter energy bills to drop!

With superb modern-day quality and functionality, our cottage-style windows are brilliant for introducing modern comfort into your Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian property. They are a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their much-loved period home.

Glazing bars: the key features of cottage windows

Glazing bars are the key features of a cottage-style window. They are what give our cottage-style windows that charming traditional appearance. We understand how important glazing bars are, that's why we make sure each of them is produced with care. We've got two types of duplex glazing bars for you to choose from: narrow (24 mm) and wide (44 mm). Thanks to the energy-friendly spacers situated behind the glazing bars and between the glass panes, our duplex glazing bars produce a visual effect that reminds us of old-fashioned muntins. The exterior glazing bars are always made of aluminium so that they can withstand the harshest weather conditions. The 24 mm option is delicate and elegant - ideal for any small cottage window. The 44 mm variant, on the other hand, boasts a bold, defined look - great for providing visual emphasis to your beautiful cottage window. Our high-quality glazing bars perfectly represent how we celebrate traditions with present-day technology.

An ultimate blend of classic design and modern technological advancement, our cottage-style windows are what you need to create a living space that stands the test of time. They are the windows for homeowners who embrace traditional beauty and care about the quality of life.