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Add some Ooh La La with Double Patio Doors

If you are the lucky owner of a home with a larger than usual opening out towards a relaxing patio, then you may be able to benefit from the design perks of double patio doors, also commonly known as French doors. This twinset of doors typically opens up onto a pretty terrace, expansive deck or, more simply, just a beautiful garden. 

French patio doors get their name from the fact that this door type originated in France during the 16th to 17th centuries when Renaissance styles established a preference for more light, while still maintaining a sense of proportion and symmetry.

Not surprisingly, French doors are still popular today for the very same reasons. Double garden doors are a superb way of allowing the interior of your home to be flooded with maximum natural light. They also serve to visually extend the space of your home, with expansive backyard views beckoning you outdoors.

Creating Balance in your Home

The regular proportions of double patio doors help form pillars of balance in your home when viewed both from the inside as well as outside. Styles that feature equal glazing on each side – such as eight or even twenty panes – perfectly execute this effect. 

At Klar, you even have the option of twelve panes over two panels, which reduces the amount of glass but maintains overall symmetry. For more information about what style patio door to choose for your home, be sure to read our article here.

No Need to Sacrifice Energy Savings

You may think you need to cut back on the amount of glass in outdoor French doors in order to maximise energy savings, but this is a misconception. At Klar, all double patio doors are offered as either standard double-glazed French doors or triple-glazed French doors, ensuring premium thermal insulation. With at least two panes of glass separated by an insulating gas cavity and warm edge spacers, the glazing found in Klar’s French doors provides some of the lowest U-values on the market and top-notch energy efficiency. 

Even if you select multi-pane double patio doors, energy savings are guaranteed – since Klar uses adhesive glazing bars on the solid glass surface rather than breaking the panes up into individual units subject to greater potential air leakage. 

Petite Parameters

Perhaps you are in need of small French doors, as your outdoor opening isn’t quite the full double door width. This logistical requirement can easily be accommodated with several of Klar’s state-of-the-art door solutions and need not come at the expense of design equilibrium. Ordering a patio door set featuring nine panes with a half-width slave, for example, provides six equal panes of glass in the main door, mirrored by a ‘half width’ of three panes on the side. The balance and proportional look of French doors is maintained but adapted for the narrower door opening. 

Klar’s user-friendly customisation capabilities allow you to specify the exact size of your new French patio doors, with precision down to the centimetre. 

Classic Colour Schemes

One would be foolish to argue that black is the colour of choice in French fashion and style. So too, do black French doors figure largely in the images conjured up when planning home designs that include outdoor French doors. 

Klar’s double garden doors come not only in classic black but also in the most popular colour choice of white, as well as hotly trending anthracite grey. If you select pinewood sourced from FSC-certified forests as the frame material for your double patio doors from Klar, you can also paint to match any existing colour scheme. 

Getting a Handle on Handles

One thing to note when it comes to most French patio doors is the different positioning of handles. Double patio doors typically come only with internal door handles, as the intent is to exit the home out into the garden, not use the door as a common entry point for the home. This also helps ensure maximum home security, as there is even less for a potential intruder to tamper with to gain entry into your house.

The interior handle on double garden doors allows for the installation of a wind brake, which can be very useful in preventing the doors from blowing open. Once you’ve ambled out onto your patio, setting the handle to the wind brake position allows you to re-enter your home easily and prevents potential damage to the glazing or frame if it were to bang suddenly against the siding of the house in a rogue gust of wind. 

Double patio doors, especially those custom-built to your specifications at Klar, are unquestionably both beautiful and effective at creating an inspiring bond between the comfortable interior of your home and the captivating out-of-doors. 

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