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Everything you Need to Know about How to Secure Doors

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The doors and windows of your home contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of your property –and when of high enough quality, should offer you both insulating properties as well as security. But the reality is that the doors and windows of your house are also the weakest points of resistance to intrusion.

Crime statistics

“In incidents of domestic burglary in a dwelling where the offender entered the dwelling, the offender gained entry through a door around 70% of the time.” - the ONS

With just over 192,000 home burglaries occurring in 2021/2022, a house is broken into in the UK at least every 3 minutes! If you’d like to minimise your chances of falling victim to these statistics, learning how to secure doors can be one of the most important steps you can take.

5 Top Tips for Improving Door Security

1. Reinforce your door

This may seem like an obvious place to start, but for good reason. There are many small upgrades you can make to parts of your door that will reinforce its ability to withstand a home invasion. 

  • Screws - The most cost-effective may be changing out the door screws that typically come with door hardware, like handles and strike plates. Most often, these are only about ½-inch in length, making them easy targets for quick removal and thus offering little resistance to a potential intrusion. By replacing these with longer, 3-inch screws available at any local hardware store, you have taken a great first step in reinforcing your door.

  • Door Handle - Speaking of door handles, this can be another area for improvement. Depending on what originally came with your door, think about replacing your door handle with a sturdy steel option that will not easily snap or break when force is applied.

  • Door Lock - Adding or upgrading to a high-security door lock is another important option to consider. If your door only features a lock as part of its handle mechanism, it can be well worth it to add a single-sided deadbolt lock for another layer of security. All of Klar’s doors come with locks made by established leaders in security ASSA ABLOY (Ruko) and IPA.

  • Hardware Cover - Finally, you can choose to add a metal hardware guard to your door, which can also reinforce its strength. These plates serve to cover the door handle and/or deadbolt lock, minimising the chance of your door splitting under pressure.

2. Reinforce the door frame.

There are also several enhancements that can be made to the door frame to improve security. If the frame itself is worn or older, consider replacing it entirely. Look for a metal door jamb that will make entry more difficult with greater resistance to typical burglar tools such as crowbars and screwdrivers. 

Upgrade the strike plate on the frame where the door latches with a longer, heavy-duty steel or nickel option, which will disperse the force of entry throughout a greater area of the door jamb.

After the door latch, door hinges are the next weakest point, so replacing or repairing these is also a significant improvement. Again, look to replace standard hinge screws with longer options that will tie deep into the door jamb. 

3. Upgrade your home security system.

Adding certain security features to your door can have a considerable impact on securing your home. Installing a peephole, adding a door chain, altering your letterbox with a draught excluder, and mounting a door alarm are all ways you can modify your door construction to improve home safety. 

Adding a screen door and exterior security light at your home’s point of entry are two additional ways to deter intruders. Burglars typically spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home and less than 10 minutes on site. The more likely they are to be slowed down and/or seen while trying to gain access to your home, the less likely they are to try in the first place. 

4. Upgrade glazing.

If your door features glass partitions, it is important to enhance them whenever possible. This can mean adding a layer of security film to the glass or, better yet, upgrading to multi-glazed windows featuring double- or triple-paned glass. These additional layers serve as extra deterrents to entry.

5. Replace your door.

Depending on the condition and features of your existing door, it may make the most sense simply to replace it with a new model. Look for a door with high-quality locking mechanisms, an anti-theft deadbolt and strike plate built into the frame, and durable hinges, such as those featured on all of Klar’s doors.

Be sure to choose a door with a solid core instead of a hollow one for maximum strength against break-ins. A durable, heavy hardwood or wood clad with aluminium are both excellent choices for superior home security, both of which Klar offers. 

Once you’ve followed the steps outlined above on how to secure doors, your next mission may be taking a long, hard look at your home’s windows and evaluating their performance. For key considerations when replacing doors, read Klar’s article here.


How do I protect my door from burglars?

There are many things you can do to help secure your door against burglars, including reinforcing the door itself as well as the door frame. Enhancing your home security system with door alterations and upgrading window glazing in your door will also increase your level of protection. Lastly, replacing your door may be the most sensible option to take advantage of the latest security features on the market.

How do you secure a door DIY?

Most of the methods for how to secure doors can be done yourself. Replacing short screws with longer ones in your strike plate, door handle, and hinges only requires a drill and a few minutes. Installing a sturdier handle, a deadbolt lock, or a hardware cover is also something most homeowners can accomplish. With Klar’s easy window and door installation guide, you can even replace a whole door on your own!