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Why Klar has Affordable prices

Why Klar has Affordable prices

Klar is on a mission to deliver long-lasting, high quality windows and doors at a price not previously seen in the industry. We cut out every nonessential intermediary and painstakingly optimize our factory’s processes.

Klar's value chain

3 things that make Klar unique

Vi bruger fyrretræ til fremstilling af vores varer
Nr 1. Ingen "fancy" showrooms, ingen påtrængende sælgere

Just pure quality windows and doors. Why? We’ve all tried stressing over being in a store with a sales rep breathing down our neck. For companies to justify having brick-and-mortar stores, they depend on continuous sales from them. We believe, at this point, most people are so accustomed to buying online that, with a bit of guidance, they can also easily purchase windows and doors. With Klar, you can lean back and order at your own pace from the calm of your home. No upsell, no stress. We provide video and written guidance along the way. Got doubt underways? You are more than welcome to call us, and our [English-speaking] support is ready to help — but only as long as you want it!

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No. 2 Our factory, exclusively

We boast our own factory, which exclusively produces Klar windows and doors made from proprietary designs. That means that we don’t have to readjust our machinery for the product specifications of every company taking turns to produce at our factory. Instead, we focus on optimizing the processes for building our products, ensuring they run as smoothly as possible. Having done so for nearly a decade, we have reached a point where we have scrutinized every step of production, resulting in unparalleled efficiency. That also makes it easier for us to mitigate costly mistakes. A final cost-cutting fact is that since we make everything in-house, we don’t need to pay the factory that would otherwise charge to produce our products.

Vi har ingen lageromkostninger da vi specialfremstiller hver enkelt ordre
No. 3 We are stock free!

We make your product only when you have placed your order. Therefore, we don’t have warehouse expenses and money bound to the inventory level. So, if you can wait a few weeks, we will send you a freshly produced product directly from our production line, and it hasn’t been sitting around collecting dust.

Transparent pricing

transparent pricing

Good to know

Vi bruger fyrretræ til fremstilling af vores varer
DIY or carptenter

DIY or carpenter? It’s all your choice! By ordering yourself, you don’t have to pay a cut to a carpenter, who charges by the hour. Not just for installation but also for measuring and placing the order. Are you handy and would like to install the products yourself? Then we have got video guides to show you how. Want to pay a carpenter to have them do it for you? More power to you; you can sleep well at night knowing you’re only paying for that.

At Klar we offer price guarantee
Price guarantee

So are you really the cheapest? Yep! And we back it up with our Klar Price Guarantee. Should you happen to find a window or door somewhere else with comparable specifications, we not only match the price but also go an extra 5% below to ensure you get our high quality at the lowest price!

Read more on the page: Klar Price Guarantee

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Any questions?

We're always happy to help if you have any questions related to an order or if you need any help with the designs or the functionality. We are more than happy to call.

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👋 We're here to help

If you want to simply just browse and design your dream windows and doors, we suggest you go ahead and do that. You have full control of what they should look like and you get a price immediately. If you don't know and need any help, you can book a meeting or simply call us.

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