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Window & Door terminology

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Buying windows and doors can be confusing if you don't know the right terminologies. 

Fear not! - we are here to educate you on the many, at times weird, names that you did not know existed.

Window Terminology

Understand each term on a window
  • Frame: The fixed part of the window that is installed in the wall

  • Mullion: The vertical element that splits the window into several sub-elements

  • Jamb: The vertical parts of the frame

  • Weather seal: A seal used to prevent draughts

  • Sash: The openable part of a window

  • Glazing bar: A bar or beading that fixes the glass pane

  • Cill: The horizontal part of the window frame

  • Spacer bar: The divider inside the glass. Traditionally used because working with large glass panes were impractical. In modern windows, it's mostly decorative. Typically, Klar's spacer bars do not go all the way through the glass.

Window Terminology

Frame cross-section

Different words for parts on the window showing glass and frame

Door Terminology

Different words for the parts on an external door
  • Frame: The immovable part of the window that is installed in the wall

  • Jamb: The vertical part of the frame

  • Door leaf: The openable and movable part of the door

  • Closing side: The side of the door leaf that closes into the locking side of the frame.

  • Keeps: The top and bottom parts "holes" in the jamb that the 3-point lock fits into.

  • Strike plate: The middle "hole" in the jamb that the 3-point lock fits into

  • Threshold: The lower horizontal part of the door through which you enter.

  • Panel: A subdivision of the door leaf

  • Aluminium weather board: An angled beading that leads rainwater away from the door

  • Glazing bead: Beading that fixes and mounts the glass panel into the leaf.

  • Hinge side: Opposite of the closing side, the side of the door leaf with hinges.

Door Handle & Lock Terminology

Illustration showing the handle and lock on an external door

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