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Discover how hotel owner Martin, has transformed functionality and appearance with Klar products.

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Swedish bliss: Hotel renovation with windows and doors

In the middle of the countryside, a short distance from the city of Hässleholm in the south of Sweden, lies Rallarhustruns hotel. Surrounded by trees, hiking trails and small rivers, the hotel is the perfect place for peace and reflection. Come visit the hotel with us!

Martin, the owner of Rallarhustruns, wants the hotel to become a destination for nature-loving people from all over the world. To increase the hotel's comfort and safety, Martin has chosen to renovate the hotel's rooms with a total of 20 windows and 10 doors from Klar.

A double patio door brings nature closer

In the main building, where the reception and restaurant are located, Martin has chosen a Double Patio Door Twelve Panes. This gives guests easy access to the hotel's outdoor area and is a great way to connect the indoor areas with the outside nature. In the summer, it's an advantage that both doors can be opened.

A Top Guided Window provides ventilation

In the en-suite bathrooms, Martin has chosen Top Guided Windows. A top guided window is a classic choice and offers great ventilation options - especially for a bathroom. Choose a trickle vent for your window and have the option to ventilate without opening the window.

A front door with security lock

In the two extension buildings located on the other side of the main building, Martin has chosen a Front Door with 1 Filling 6 Panes. Our Front Doors have a 3-point lock for increased safety. A Front Door is a great solution for many different homes and rooms, as they are robust and have handles on the inside and the outside.

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Visit hotel Rallarhustruns

Watch the video to learn more about Rallarhustruns and how Martin wants to create a holiday destination for nature-loving guests (1:17 min). Here Martin shows how the new windows and doors have transformed the place.

About Rallarhustruns

Rallarhustruns is located in the forests of Skåne, South Sweden and offers cosy accommodation in the charming newly built rooms. You can read more about the hotel and what experiences they offer on their website.

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